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About the Loud Shirt Brewing Co Ltd....

The Loud Shirt Brewing Co. was set up by Martyn Batchelor and Mike Thomson on 29 February 2016 – a special day for a special occasion. We have two things in common – we love brewing vibrant, delicious beers; and we share the same taste in fashion!.

Martyn and Mike have been friends since 1984. Martyn is the Loud Shirt Ale-Chemist, weaving magical spells to transform our malt, hops, yeast and secret ingredients into liquid gold. Mike is the Loud Shirt Beer Cellar, a truly dedicated follower of passion, unleashing Loud Shirt beers into the world.

We are based in Brighton, currently brewing around 100 litres of beer per week. We are designing a state-of-the-art 10 barrel brewery and plan to move in the spring of 2017.

About Our beers....

Our beers are exceptional. We use top quality ingredients and we take longer than average to fully ferment / mature our beer.  We take great care in both the brewing and the storage of our beer.

All our beers are vibrant. For example, they contain quality hops, zingy fruits, subtle flowers, herbs or spices.  Our beers pack a punch, with ABVs of 5% and over.

We have been experimenting with our recipes for over a year and have recently launched our first range of beers – Psychedelic IPA, Hawaiian Tropical Pale Ale, Flower Power Floral Blonde Beer and Retro Strong Dark Beer. Savour the flavour!

At the Loud Shirt Brewing Co we take pride in crafting vibrant and exciting beers. We hand pick best quality ingredients for each batch, add a twist, condition our beers for longer than average and avoid animal or artificial clearing agents. Just like the shirts our founders Mike and Martyn love to wear, our beers are surprisingly tasteful.


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