monkey lookalike    

I wonder if website vistors have noticed the uncanny resemblance between these two little scallywag monkeys that are 'playing' with their mobile phones and 'pretending' to be 'power users' and 'pretending' to do 'really useful and important work' and are 'pretending' to be 'super clever'? Perhaps they are related. I think we should be told.

At 08.47 on the 7th of July 2015 Heart Internet contacted me via their support ticket system.

"Hi Robin,

We have been contacted by a Rex Gibbons with regards to this domain and associated hosting package. They have requested to gain control over it, so that it may be hosted within another Heart account. Are there any reasons why this transfer should not be actioned? Please respond to this ticket with any pertinent information".

I also discovered that that my 'reliable and trustworthy' project partner, Mr Gibbons had locked me out of the website, and was taking steps to make this great project his own? This caused me a mere five minutes of incoveniece as I let myself back in, and kicked Mr Gibbons out - for good. I will not do my work with anyone that I had grown to loathe, detest, and cannot trust further than I can throw them.


Yes, I did have pertinent information. I wanted to wring the neck of Mr Gibbons for trying to steal this excellent project website that I have knocked my socks off to build and develop.  Mr Gibbons deeply resented the fact that I had told him that he was completely failing to perform in his role as project partner, and I was no longer prepared to work with him. I was completely fed up with having to hold his digital hand and wipe his digital backside.


Had Mr Gibbons been brilliant, average, or just base level competent, I would have said that he was brilliant. Unfortunately, his performance was truly dire. I will not have a 'project partner' who cannot, or will not, pull their weight. A freeloader.


Sad to say, but Mr Gibbons is a fantasist and website 'wannabe'. Mr Gibbons was hoping that I could make him look great (as I did 15 years ago). Mr Gibbons failed to cut the mustard, so he was 'let go'.

Whilst I have been working my socks off, Mr Gibbons (and a couple of other scallywag monkeys), have been snaking their way into pubs, and wanting people to believe that:

  • Mr Gibbons is God's gift to websites?
  • My innovation, insight, creativity and design is actually the work of Mr Gibbons? 
  • That Mr Gibbons had been hard done by?
  • That I have stolen this website project from Mr Gibbons?
  • That a retired police officer and very experienced web developer has suddenly turned thief?
    (My last two websites were to make HDC area Dementia Friendly, and to build a Clinical Trials Recruitment Portal for the National Institute of Health Research - Mental Health - Biomedical Resech Centre at King's College, London)?


I suggest that the assertions of Mr Gibbons,and his friends, are somewhat unlikely, improbable, implausible, and stretch all notions of reality, honesty, integrity, credability, and reason, by more than just a little.  Welcome to Weird and Wonderfull World of Mr Gibbons.


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