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The Project was advised that Franklins Brewery that began brewing in 2012 at an old dairy at Bexhill has moved to much larger premises at Highfield Farm at Ringmer.

Their listing in the brewers database has been updated, as has their list of Franklins beers.

They have also opened a splendid new Tap Room!




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The King's Arms was shut for a couple of months to enable the new owners to conduct a major refurbishment of this listed building.
The pub reopened on the evening of Friday 9th March, 2018.
Our verdict is that it's much brighter, lighter, and is altogether lovely!

It is great to welcome a another freehouse!

The King's Arms now has a modern kitchen and the menu and food luck very good indeed.

Click here to view their updated listing

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  • New kitchen
  • New Woodburner
  • Corner
  • New Pumps

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Click to discover what these little scallwag monkeys have in common!



Today, I finished listing the lovely Mark Cross Inn at Mark Cross in East Sussex.

Followed by the White Horse Hotel in Storrington.

I began listing pubs in Lancing, but then I was diverted by Twitter!
Twitter tipped me the wink that Sussex has another two new breweries - Yippee!
Brewereies do make a welcome change from pubs!

So, instead of listing pubs, I listed the Riverside Brewery, (and six beers), at Steyning and the Cellar Head Brewery at Framfield in East Sussex, (and another 10 beers).

We now have 67 commercial brewers of beer in Sussex. Another lovely, (interesting and productive), day!

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About the Loud Shirt Brewing Co Ltd....

The Loud Shirt Brewing Co. was set up by Martyn Batchelor and Mike Thomson on 29 February 2016 – a special day for a special occasion. We have two things in common – we love brewing vibrant, delicious beers; and we share the same taste in fashion!.

Martyn and Mike have been friends since 1984. Martyn is the Loud Shirt Ale-Chemist, weaving magical spells to transform our malt, hops, yeast and secret ingredients into liquid gold. Mike is the Loud Shirt Beer Cellar, a truly dedicated follower of passion, unleashing Loud Shirt beers into the world.

We are based in Brighton, currently brewing around 100 litres of beer per week. We are designing a state-of-the-art 10 barrel brewery and plan to move in the spring of 2017.

About Our beers....

Our beers are exceptional. We use top quality ingredients and we take longer than average to fully ferment / mature our beer.  We take great care in both the brewing and the storage of our beer.

All our beers are vibrant. For example, they contain quality hops, zingy fruits, subtle flowers, herbs or spices.  Our beers pack a punch, with ABVs of 5% and over.

We have been experimenting with our recipes for over a year and have recently launched our first range of beers – Psychedelic IPA, Hawaiian Tropical Pale Ale, Flower Power Floral Blonde Beer and Retro Strong Dark Beer. Savour the flavour!

At the Loud Shirt Brewing Co we take pride in crafting vibrant and exciting beers. We hand pick best quality ingredients for each batch, add a twist, condition our beers for longer than average and avoid animal or artificial clearing agents. Just like the shirts our founders Mike and Martyn love to wear, our beers are surprisingly tasteful.


Loud Shirt Brewing Co Ltd - view full listing

About Kiln Brewery
We are an independent nano-brewery based in Burgess Hill dedicated to creating full flavoured craft beers. 
Kiln Brewery's beers are available on draft, bottles, and cans.

Our Products:
  • Boardwalk Transatlantic Pale Ale
  • Brewlin Rouge Red Ale
  • Souther Pale Ale 5%ABV
  • Bricks and Porter - Smoked Porter 5.6%ABV


Souhern Pale Ale 5%


Bricks and Porter smoked porter 5.6%

Contact Rob: 07598 518306

Email: rob@thekilnbrewery.co.uk


Kiln Brewery - view full listing

  • Michael Nugent and Katharine Lee
  • Bicycle and sign
  • Fermenters
  • Barrels
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  • Project GoKart


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Great fun was had...

By everyone who were invited along to the official launch  of Horsham's latest Brewery on last Wednesday evening at the brewery in Redkiln Close.

Chapeau Brewing Co Ltd is a craft brewery setup and operated by the husband and wife team of Michael Nugent and Katharine Lee.

Four great beers to sample and enjoy, and the food was also excellent.

It is great to have another brewery in Horsham.

We wish Michael and Katharine every success with their venture.

Michael and Katharine hope that you'll drop by on a regular basis for a chat, a look around their brewery and to sample their ales. 

View full brewery listing - Chapeau Brewery

hepworth brewery ah

Andy Hepworth

Hepworths Brewery listing updated to reflect change of address to new brewery at Stane Street Adversane.

Google Mapand County map also updated.

New Brewery Database Listing

New Brewery Record

Hepworths Beers List


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Chapeau Brewing is a micro brewery based in Horsham, West Sussex. We have a core range of beers supplemented with seasonal specials. All of our beers are available directly from the brewery, find them in local pubs or you will soon be able to order them online. 

The Chapeau Tap Room

Our tap room is a small licensed bar where you can enjoy our beers draft or fill up and take away either a 2 or 4 pint container. Stop in for a chat, see what we've got brewing and don't forget - if you arrive on a bike you will get a 5% discount on any of our beers!

Opening hours:

Mon -Thurs: 10.00 - 17.00

Friday:         10.00 - 20.00

Saturday:     10.00 - 13.00

Chapeau Brewing, Horsham - see full listing


Deep in the heart of West Sussex lies a passionate brewer, his wife and their baby with a mission to brew delicious, traditional and modern tasting beers. 

Brolly Brewing - view listing!

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Very many congratulations to boys and girls from the splendid Crown pub in Hastings who were on stage in London with Jay Rainer and Nigella Lawson to collect their Observer Good food and drink award for being judged the best place to pop in for a drink'!

seven sisters gin


Warm citrus on the nose leads to a fine blend of bitter orange and sweeter liquorice notes in the mouth. A beautifully hand-crafted classic gin, made from a blend of grain spirit and Rathfinny's own distilled 'Rebêche' (the third pressing of grapes). Infused with the finest traditional botanicals:

  • Juniper
  • Coriander
  • Angelica
  • Orris
  • Liquorice,
  • Lemon
  • Bitter orange
  • Angelica seed
  • Hyssop

Click here to see our full listing.


About us....

Tom Cat Gin began in early November 2016 with the idea of launching our Dry Sussex Gin just before Christmas 2016. Our gin produced in small batches of 75 litres at a time. It is bottled into 70cl, 20cl and 5cl bottles. Both the 70cl and 20cl bottles are individually hand dipped in black sealing wax which can be easily removed.

gin bottles

Dry Sussex Gin....

The botanicals....

  • Juniper
  • Oris root
  • Coriander
  • Orange peel
  • Cardomom
  • Lemon peel

Click here to view full listing


"Velvet-textured with floral coriander and orris flavours, balanced with grapefruit and lemon zests. Perfected with a long finish of subtle bitter orange notes...."

 bottle image

The Distillery: A blend of skills, experience and artistry as rare as the Gin itself….

Technically, you can make gin in about 48 hours. Which makes you wonder why we need 8,760 – or an entire year - to make a batch of Foxhole Gin. The answer is that most gins are made using grain spirit alone. Ours, on the other hand, includes grape spirit. So we have to factor in a full grape-growing season, harvest and first pressing for winemaking, before we can even start. Then we have to make our own English wine, which doesn’t happen overnight, either.

It takes two days to distil the wine into grape spirit; another two days to blend it with neutral spirit and carefully selected botanicals. Then it’s back to the still for a second time, and the real magic happens.

But because no two grape vintages are the same, our raw material changes from year to year, too. So we work with our distillers to achieve the perfect flavour balance and ensure consistent quality. The result is a smooth, aromatic gin whose flavours subtly change with each new harvest. To be honest, we couldn’t make it any quicker, even if we wanted to. We think you’ll agree it’s definitely worth taking time over.

Click here to see full listing!