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The Star Inn, Waldron, Heathfield


Whitehouse Ln,
East Sussex
TN21 0RA
Telephone: 01435 812495

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Owner: Mr Paul Lefort
Tenant / Lessee: N/A
Landlord: Mr Paul Lefort
Real Ale: Yes
Real Cider / Perry: Yes / No
Free House: Yes / No
Website: Yes
Facebook: Yes - Facebook
Twitter: Yes - @StarInnWaldron
Instagram: Yes / No
Free Wifi: Yes
Child friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes
Car Parking: Yes
Disabled access: Yes / No
Accommodation: No

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The public house is woven into the fabric of English society. A place to drink and eat, it provides the essentials as well as a vital place for socialising, connecting with neighbours and even informal business talks. Today, that small, highly personal feel of the village hub is still very much in evidence at The Star Inn. With a history as a public house spanning over 450 years, The Star Inn is both perfectly placed and well used to serving the community.

The Saxon for ‘woody ground’ gives Waldron its name. The woods which flank the pub – Oxpasture Wood, Workhouse Wood and Mill Wood – reveal much about the uses of the land and surrounding areas in past times. The census returns tell us of Waldron’s very modest population growth, the boom years in the early 1800s and – common to most rural areas – the migration of people to the cities in the later 1800s. Idyllically rural, quiet and retaining a compelling, timeless feel, Waldron is an English village of note.

Historical records of 1851 show names of lodgers and servants at The Star Inn and chart its owners and staff. An entirely traditional building with open fires, knotty wood floors, heavy beams and wonderful knick-knacks, visitors will feel both intrigued and impressed. The mangle alone constitutes one of the many fascinating conversation pieces.

Outside, children can gaze at the sheep in the adjacent field, play hide and seek in the extensive gardens then join the rest of the family for a satisfying, healthy meal. Pay us a visit at lambing season when everyone is seduced by the playful babies and their watchful mothers.

A focal point of the community, The Star Inn provides food of the highest quality, entertainment – from music and dance to friendly competitions – and service which customers both appreciate and recommend.

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The Star Inn is a true family pub. Owned by the Lefort family for over a generation, Paul Lefort, continues the heritage. He’s created a friendly, welcoming environment for couples, seniors, parents and children.

Recently listed in The Good Beer Guide, you know where to come for a selection of the real ales, beers, ciders and exceptional wines. Divine food, a homely, warm atmosphere and hosts who enjoy what they do are the trademarks of The Star Inn.

On those long-awaited summer months, why not savour your cool drink in the tranquil garden? When the season turns, you could stretch out in front of the open fire with a newspaper and bowl of homemade soup.

Go to the Menu page for a look at the delights on offer from
The Star Inn’s country kitchen.


The Stores at The Star Inn  is a cavern of delights.
You’ll find the staples of a good village shop 
But also a unique array of irresistible foods and extras,
including fresh eggs from Badgers Mead Farm,
Delightful teas and cappucinos are served along with cake and pastries
providing a special meeting place .

The Stores  birthday teas allow you to celebrate your day with a specially tailored
gathering giving it personality and including an individual cake made just for you.

Serving the outlying villages to the full, The Stores hosts regular community events
which include French conversation classes, a lively book club and jam making competitions.

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