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The Bell, Ticehurst, East Sussex


High Street,
East Sussex
Telephone: 01580 200300

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Original music by Polly and The Billets Doux available through iTunes, Amazon or via

Owner: Cathedral Hotels Ltd
Tenant / Lessee: e.g. Mr John Smith
Landlord: e.g. Mr John Smith and Mrs Jane Smith
Real Ale: Yes
Real Cider / Perry: Yes / No
Free House: Yes / No
Website: Yes -
Facebook: Yes - Facebook
Twitter: Yes - @bell_ticehurst
Instagram: Yes / No
Free Wifi: Yes
Child friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes
Car Parking: Yes
Disabled access: Yes / No
Accommodation: Yes 

There are 7 quirky, comfortable and beautiful rooms to stay in, and four luxury lodges.

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e.g. Large garden, pool table, darts, wide screen, tv, Sky Sports, dining area, restaurant menu, bar snacks 

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Food, glorious food!
Our menus change with the seasons and availability of fresh ingredients.
Uncomplicated, unrushed British food sourced from local farms and suppliers.


We're keen on a bit of a do.

We have some memorable spaces with a dash of special in which to host weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations and family get-togethers - or just a good old fashioned knees-up.

There is even a state of the art cinema for private viewings with dinner from £25 per head or children’s parties from £12.50 per person.

The Big Room

The Big Room can seat up to 70 people for a sit down meal, or up to 120 for a buffet reception.

The Stable

We have a stable with a table.  Th big table seats up to 22. It sits in the pit the carriages would have been drawn into.


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History: Yes / No (and if ‘yes’ please send a separate email that we can link to)

If 'Yes' pub history to go here....
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