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The Watchmaker's Arms, Hove 


84 Goldstone Villas,
East Sussex
Telephone: 01273 776307

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Opening hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Thursday: Noon - 2.00pm
Friday, Saturday: Noon - 11.00pm
Sunday noon - 2.00pm


The focus is on beer, with four ales from small independent breweries on tap during the week and five at the weekend.

There will be no music and limited food.

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Three teachers and an IT professional opened Brighton and Hove’s first micropub in the spring, 2017.
The Watchmaker’s Arms aims to opened its doors to punters in April after the team behind it won planning permission and a licence.
Focused around locally produced beer, the pub will feature none of the modern-day trappings of your average pub – spirits, music, all-day food and children. Instead, it will all be about the drink and the atmosphere.

The team behind the project is made up of two couples from Hove: Rick and Ruth Evans and Dave and Ali White.

Local brewer Jack Tavaré has set up a 100L microbrewery at The Watchmaker’s Arms. He is producing a range of beers in cask and keg under the Beercraft Brighton brand which are all available in The Watchmaker’s Arms as well as in other pubs in the area.

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The name for the new boozer came after a research session at The Keep records centre, in which they discovered the building was once a watchmakers. 

We started on our micropub journey after visiting The Tankerton Arms in Whitstable in the summer of 2013. Nigel Ranger is a friend from years ago and had invited us along to visit as we were camping in the area. We fell in love with The Tank and the concept and began thinking how well this idea would work in Hove​. Finding the right location and the right property was a challenge but after losing our first property at the eleventh hour, we found this wonderful location in Goldstone Villas, a local conservation area just south of Hove railway station. 

We're not business men and women; we are two teachers, a teaching assistant and an IT professional. Leaving secure jobs to embark on a completely new venture has been daunting for Ali and Ruth but we all feel very passionate about The Watchmaker's Arms and the feedback we've had from our many friends in the area has convinced us we are doing something that will be good for the local community. We've had so much help and support from our friends and the landlords of the many micropubs we have visited in Kent and Sussex to ask for advice.

Our thanks go out to you all.

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