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martha gunn
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Martha Gunn, Brighton


100 Upper Lewes Rd,
East Sussex
Telephone: 01273 681671

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Owner: e.g Enterprise Inns
Tenant / Lessee: e.g. Mr John Smith
Landlord: e.g. Mr John Smith and Mrs Jane Smith
Real Ale: Yes / No
Real Cider / Perry: Yes / No
Free House: Yes / No
Website: Yes - - New website coming soon Nov 2017.
Facebook: Yes - Martha Gunn
Twitter: Yes - nothing since April 2015?
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Free Wifi: Yes / No
Child friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes
Car Parking: Yes / No
Disabled access: Yes / No
Accommodation: Yes / No – if β€˜yes’ describe

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Large garden, pool table, darts, wide screen, tv, Sky Sports, dining area, restaurant menu, bar snacks 

Serves lunch and dinner
  • Takes bookings
  • Walk-ins welcome
  • Good for groups or parties
  • Good for children
  • Outdoor seating

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e.g. A luvverly pub in a luvverly location serving luvverly beer!
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History: Yes

Martha Gunn (1726–1815) was possibly the most famous of the dippers, certainly the most famous in Brighton. She lived at 36 East Street, Brighton, in a house that still stands. She is buried in St Nicholas' churchyard in Brighton.

The Morning Herald described Martha Gunn as "The Venerable Priestess of the Bath".

dipper was the operator of a bathing machine used by women bathers. The dipper pushed the machine into and out of the water and helped the bather into and out of the water. A dipper had to be large and strong to carry out this work and Martha Gunn fulfilled both requirements.

Several works of art show the image of Martha Gunn. The image on this page is titled "Martha Gunn and the Prince Of Wales". Whilst the exact date of the painting is unknown it is unlikely to actually show the Prince of Wales as he didn't visit Brighton until he was twenty one and Martha Gunn herself is not thought to have ever left Brighton. The original of this painting now hangs in the tea-room of the Royal Pavilion.

Her image is on several contemporary engravings and cartoons and a toby jug was made of her in 1840.

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martha gunn
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