three scallywag monkeys

Scallywag monkeys
Left to right: Mr Alan Bartram | Mr Bob Leiper | Mr Rex Gibbons

monkey lookalike

At 08.47 on the 7th of July 2015 Heart Internet contacted me via their support ticket system.

"Hi Robin,

We have been contacted by a Rex Gibbons with regards to this domain and associated hosting package. They have requested to gain control over it, so that it may be hosted within another Heart account. Are there any reasons why this transfer should not be actioned? Please respond to this ticket with any pertinent information".

This is the smoking gun. Conclusive and unequivocal proof from Heart Internet that Mr Gibbons, (my 'really' reliable and TRUSTWORTHY project partner), was attempting to steal this major £38K website, and MY WORK. (See Sections 2, 3 & 4 of the Fraud Act, 2006).

(Scallywag monkeys should understand that if Mr Gibbons REALLY WAS a website designer, and he wanted to steal or move the website, he would have known exactly how to do it. But, Mr Gibbons isn't a website designer, and he didn't know what to do. So, he asked Heart Internet to do this for him. Of course, Heart Internet checked with me first).

Mr Gibbons urged, encouraged, persuaded and challenged me to set up this lovely project. He hoped that a major pubs website project (£38K) built by me would, (again), give him the opportunity to pretend to his very silly little scallywag friends, (and others), that he was, (again), being a 'very great and clever fellow'.

Mr Gibbons deceived, tricked, duped and conned me into setting up this great project, on his promises and oft repeated assurances that he would be a willing, capable, competent, reliable and trustworthy project partner. This project is a substantial piece of work involving my doing, (so far), 1,900 hours of 'nose to the grindstone-type' hard work. But, Mr Gibbons failed to come to the party.

Mr Gibbons promised me, and this lovely project really deserved to have, a willing, capable, competent, reliable and trustworthy project partner. But, instead, what we actually got was an incompetent, dishonest, deceiving, lying, thieving and treacherous scallywag monkey.

To remain with this project, and continue to work with me, Mr Gibbons had to do four really simple things, which were to:

  • Perform to a satisfactory level.
    (An eleven year old would have been able to cope with what I needed Mr Gibbons to do).
  • Be sensible.
  • Behave.
  • Do exactly what his very experienced web developer project partner told him to do.

Mr Gibbons managed to foul up, across all fronts, and he did so many times. Mr Gibbons was unwilling, unable or incapable of doing his fair share of this project work.

  • Mr Gibbons pointedly REFUSED TO DO THE REALLY important project work that I asked him to do.

  • Instead, Mr Gibbons decided he would do LOTS of what I specifically warned him not do, (and 'do' a Michael Schumacher).

  • Mr Gibbons' seemed to think that he could exercise his bored and foolish fingers and thumbs to just dip in, and out of the project, and do anything that took his fancy, regardless of what the project actually needed, and without having the slightest regard to the very logical, structured, and carefully worked out Project Plan.

    (This is NOT how do deliver a project like this. Mr Gibbons was not doing any important, useful and REAL project work at all. He was just deluding and pretending to himself that he was. He was playing with this website, and pratting about. Meanwhile he was being really busy telling his little scallywag money friends, and anyone daft ebough to pay him the slightest attention, that he was being a 'very great and clever fellow').

Mr Gibbons was using the project website in the manner of a digital litter tray. He would make his digital deposits across the immaculate project carpet, for me to have to follow behind to clean up.  

For the nine months between November 2014, and July, 2015 I tried my utmost to work with Mr Gibbons, but his contribution was too little, too late, and of a wholly unacceptable standard. This project was slipping further, and further behind schedule, and all Mr Gibbons did manage to do, was to make me increasingly angry and frustrated, to the point that I wanted to do him physical harm.

The only goals that Mr Gibbons would achieve were not project goals, but own goals. I simply could not stand any more of his incompetence, excuses, delays, broken promises, procrastination, prevarication, obfuscation, deceit, dishonesty and lies.  

At the end of June, 2015, I had to tell Mr Gibbons that his performance was dire. "As a project partner your performance has been woeful, pitiful, pathetic, incapable, incompetent and inept. I needed a 'real' project partner partner who would do his fair share of the work, and not a 'pretend' project partner who did no real work at all. I would be off, and I would be taking my work with me". This came as a bolt from the blue to Mr Gibbons. (He has no idea how far off the pace he was).

Knowing Mr Gibbons as I do, I fully expected him to do something useless and stupid, and he did not disappoint.

Mr Gibbons responded predictably, that is in foolishly and in anger as the red mist came down and his judgement, (poor at the best of times), flew right out of the window. Mr Gibbons has a temper, and bears a grudge like few people I know. So, he hatched a plan to try to steal this lovely project, and MY WORK.

He put this plan into effect on 7th July, 2015. This included locking me out of the website. (Mr Gibbons is as bad at trying to steal a website as he is at building one, and, as I was expecting this move, when it happened, I was fully prepared).

I deliberately left Mr Gibbons with access to the website. This was like leaving a £38K shiny sports car on the drive, with a full tank of petrol, the keys in the ingintion, and the doors unlocked. So what would Mr Gibbons do? Of course, he could not resist the tempatation to try to steal it.

This is NOT the behaviour of a willing, capable, comptetent and reliable and TRUSTWORTHY project partner, or an honest, honourable and decent man.

No, these are the criminal actions of a highly motivated, angry and vengeful offender who is envious of my skills, and someone who covets this lovely project so much, that he was desperate, and would do anything, just to get his hands on it. Mr Gibbons SO wanted to make 'this' (£38K) project (exclusively) 'his' project.

He also wanted to get even with me. How dare I tell him that he was not up to working with me on this project. Mr Gibbons wanted to punish me by depriving me of the project that I had built. This, to show me just how clever he 'really' is, and who 'really' is in charge. Then, with everything under his control he could continue with the pretence that my lovely work is 'really' his work.

To Mr Gibbons this seemed to be a perfect plan. And, with me locked out of the website, Mr Gibbons thought he was home and dry.  Mr Gibbons was so confident he had full control of the website, that when I rang him and demanded to know what he thought he was playing at, and to insist that he restored my website access, he laughed at me.

As ever, Mr Gibbons was completely wrong. But, as Mr Gibbons had nailed his true colours to the mast, and had been caught red handed, and it was Mr Gibbons who found himself without website access and being sacked (again).

Since then, Mr Gibbons creeps from pub to pub to pretend to anyone daft enough to pay him the slightest attention that he has been unfairly, unreasonably and cruelly treated by me, and that my work is 'really' his work, and that it is 'really' me that has stolen this project from Mr Gibbons. (He goes about his trolling activities whilst adopting the demeanour of a beaten and abused labrador dog).

(Mr Gibbons has no regard at all to the fact that I am well known, liked and respected person in Horsham, and people tell me about his trolling activities).

Mr Gibbons 'really' wants the people of Horsham to believe that:

  • A retired police officer who has devoted 30 years of exemplary service to the Sussex Police to keep people like him safe.

  • A respected web developer who has recently built a Clinical Trials Recruitment Portal for the Biomedical Research Centre at King's College.

  • Has recently made Horsham District 'Dementia Friendly'.

Has suddenly turned thief? Of course, this is nothing, but yet more of Mr Gibbons' lies, deception, and dishonesty. (Mr Gibbons is nothing but a scallywag monkey, and his one and only mission is to make a monkey out of you).

  • Mr Gibbons tricked, deceived and duped me into building this major £38K pubs website project.
  • Mr Gibbons asked me for help, and I provided my help in spades. (This project is now 95% complete).
  • I have built, developed and paid for this project. The 'real' Mr Gibbons barely knows his digital base from his apex. He can type, and has basic keyboard skills, but he offers nothing special. (The real Mr Gibbons is no more a website expert than he is a rocket scientist, or brain surgeon. He just pretends that he is. Very silly little scallywag monkeys and the uninitiated might even believe him).
  • Whilst I have spent 1,900 hours working on this project. (Mr Gibbons failed to show up for work).
  • After I had knocked my socks off for 7 months to make the website look 'very special', and Mr Gibbons did NOTHING, he then decided to try to steal a £38K website project and MY WORK.

I would NEVER EVER have attempted such a challenging and sizeable project on my own without having a willing, capable, competent, reliable and TRUSTWORTHY project partner.  That was what Mr Gibbons promised, but he did not deliver. Instead this project and I got a dishonest, lying, deceiving and thieving little scallywag monkey.