three scallywag monkeys

Left to Right: Mr Alan Bartram  | Mr Bob Leiper | Mr Rex Gibbons


A while ago, I was driving through the back roads of Broadbridge Heath. I saw Mr Bob Leiper walking along at a brisk pace. I knew he did not live in Broadbridge Heath, and I was concerned that he might have a problem. Possibly a car breakdown? Maybe he would benefit from a lift somewhere?

I wasn't in a rush, so I stopped, to check that he was alright.

Mr Leiper practically jumped out of his skin, and immediately looked very sheepish and defensive. His body language suggested that I might infect him with Ebola.

Mr Leiper declined my kind offer of a lift, and then, the impudent man had the temerity, and audacity to DARE to berate me for what he described as my 'terrible' and 'appalling' treatment of Mr Gibbons?

It is suggested to Mr Leiper that this may well have been a serious error of judgement on his part, (for which very silly little scallywag monkeys do have something of a track record).

The last time I was in the Anchor Tap, Mr Bartram was there. He saw me, looked daggers, and, angrily, he puffed his little chest out at me, to make himself look just as menacing as a little man can, and he looked to be a man chewing on a wasp?

It is suggested to Mr Bartram that his behaviour may also have been (yet another) poor judgement call.

I wonder if Messrs Leiper and Bartram think that their judgement calls will, on balance:

A. Benefit Mr Gibbons in any way?

B. Be neutral for Mr Gibbons?

C. Negatively affect Mr Gibbons, and scallywag monkeys in general?

(I would really have welcomed having a willing, capable, competent, reliable and trustworthy project partner)!