monkey lookalike

BeGolly BeGosh!

I wonder if website visitors have noticed the uncanny resemblance between these two little scallywag monkeys? They are 'playing' with their mobile phones and 'pretending' to be 'power users' and 'pretending' to be doing 'really' 'useful and important work' and are 'pretending' to be 'super clever'?  Perhaps they are related. I think we should be told. (By the way, I see that the little monkey on the right is smart enough to have an iPhone).

Here are some articles for the perusal and information of scallwag monkeys, (and other interested parties), that precisely describe the behaviour of Mr Gibbons, my 'really' willing, capable, competent, reliable and TRUSTWORTHY project partner.

The recommeded reading order is from the top down. Scallywag monkeys should be aware that I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing, but the truth.

(I would really have welcomed having a willing, capable, competent, reliable and TRUTWORTHY project partner)!

three scallywag monkeys

Scallywag monkeys left to right: Mr Alan BartRam | Mr Bob Leiper | Mr Rex Gibbons