monkey lookalike

Remember that ALL Mr Gibbons had to do to remain with this project was:

  • Perform to the level of an 11 year old
  • Do his fair share of the work
  • Be sensible
  • Behave himself
  • Do exactly as he was asked to do by a very experienced web developer

I had set up a state-of-the-art form to enable pubs to get a listing. I put this up on the website, and very quickly I had a number of pubs beating a path to my door, asking to be listed.

These forms worked like a charm. I listed the Barley Mow at Selmeston, and then the Earl of March at Lavant. These pubs were listed on the website by the next day, and the applicants had been emailed with a link to their new pub listing.

After patting myself on the back, I quickly admonished myself. I SHOULD have given the job of listing the pubs to Mr Gibbons, to give him practice and experience. So, when the lovely Three Moles at Selham asked to be listed, I forwarded it to Mr Gibbons for him to do.

The lovely Three Moles pub at Selham? This would have taken an hour to do. Mr Gibbons did not manage to do this in six months. (I was LIVID with Mr Gibbons for this. People taking the trouble to ask for their pub to be listed, should have their pub listing done in two working days, and they should be contacted. This is a basic service level agreement).

I also asked Mr Gibbons to do two REALLY IMPORTANT, but simple things for me. He was unwilling, unable, or incapable of doing either of them.

In November, 2014 I asked Mr Gibbons for a list of Sussex media organisations and contacts, (for a press launch planned for Easter 2015). Mr Gibbons 'decided' he would not bother to do this.

richard way Rosemary shrager in patisserie

The celebrity press launch with travel writer Richard Way and tv chef and personality Rosemary Shrager was postponed, postponed again, then cancelled. Mr Gibbons had not managed to do this in five months? Again, I was LIVID with Mr Gibbons. 

I gave Mr Gibbons 'the honour' of listing the Dark Star Brewery and their beers. This would have taken a day to do.  Mr Gibbons could not manage to do this in three months. He did have a go at listing the brewery, but his offering was insulting. It was too little, too late, and of a wholly unacceptable standard. I had to do it myself. Again, I was LIVID with Mr Gibbons.

Over the course of 7 months, I had the strong feeling that:

  • It was POINTLESS my asking Mr Gibbons to do anything, and my best chance of getting him to do ANYTHING was to tell him NOT to do it it. I had the feeling that Mr Gibbons did NOT LIKE being asked to do things by me.

  • Mr Gibbons, quite perversely, seemed to be pretending to himself, and to his silly scallywag monkey friends, that in some way he  'REALLY' had some kind of propriety rights over pubs, and was the brains behind this project, and was 'REALLY' the person in charge of this project?

  • Mr Gibbons is no more a webmaster than he is a brain surgeon or rocket scientist. He just pretends that he is to his very silly scallywag monkey friends, and the uninitiated. Truly he is an idiot!

  • Over 7 months December, 2014 to June, 2015, Mr Gibbons had done none of the work that I had asked him to do. Mr Gibbons was responsible for this project slipping further, and further behind schedule. Mr Gibbons was not an asset to this project, but a complete liability.

  • Mr Gibbons seemed to think that he could just 'dip in' and 'dip out' of the project at will, and do whatever took his fancy, whenever he felt the urge to exercise his idle and foolish fingers and thumbs. (Mr Gibbons was using the website that I built in the manner of a digital litter tray, with me having to scrape up his digital 'deposits' from the immaculate project carpet).

  • Mr Gibbons was beyond unreliable and untrustworthy, I could absolutely rely on him to be unreliable, and trust him to be untrustworthy.

  • Instead of a willing, reliable and trustworthy project partner, Mr Gibbons was a project 'refusenik'.

Just where was the willing, capable, competent, reliable and trustworthy project partner that I was promised, when I needed him? He was nowhere in sight.