three scallywag monkeys


Lawks alive!

Mr Gibbons once told me, that I am the most unimpressive man he has ever met. I am 'really' sorry to be such a disappointment to him!

Since Mr Gibbons tried to steal this £38k website from me on 7th July, 2015, I have had the misfortune to bump into him at three Horsham pubs. The Sussex Oak at Warnham, The Star in Roffey (twice), and the Anchor Tap.

Curiously, on seeing me, his legs immediately turn to jelly, his knees knock together and he turns into a gibbering, jabbering idiot. He throws himself at the bar staff, and begs them for mercy and to save him. Is this 'really' the normal behaviour a willing, capable, competent, reliable and trustworthy project partner? No, it is not. It is the behaviour of someone who knows, full well, that he has been a very stupid and foolish man who has been caught, and deserves to have a damned good hiding.

I just can't understand why Mr Gibbons seems so reluctant to have the 'really' deep and meaningful conversation, that I would so dearly like to have with him.

I think we can now add now add 'extreme cowardice' to his long list of other outstanding qualities, which are:

'Scallywag Monkey' does seem an overly polite description of a man who 'really' is the most loathsome, despicable, detestable, preposterous, deluded fantasist, website project wannabe, passenger, lead weight, freeloader, parasite, charlatan, fraud, inveterate liar, would be thief, areswipe and oxygen thief.

IF the silly little Scallywag Monkeys, would like to do something 'really' useful to help Mr Gibbons, might I suggest that you buy him him a pair of rocket propelled running shoes?

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