three scallywag monkeys

I have now devoted a small corner of this website to the 'doings' of very silly little 'Scallywag Monkeys'.

My hope is that it will help them to reflect on their activities, conduct and behaviour.

I really would have welcomed the help and support of a willing, capable, competent, reliable and TRUSTWORTHY project partner. Instead of which, this project and I got a the excact opposite.





The aim of this project is 'just' to:

  • See all of the (estimated) 1100 Sussex public houses (pubs) listed on this website!
    (Yes, there are times when this looked like trying to eating an elephant)!
  • Develop a unique pub directory and drinks guide!
  • Help celebrate and promote the 'Best of Sussex':-
    The Sussex pubs, brewers, beers, cider and perry, winemakers and our three distilleries!

If Mr Wikipedia himself, James Wales, can dream to put the sum of human knowledge online, then shouldn't we be able to list a 'mere' 1100 Sussex pubs? Yes we should! So, in the true wiki way, which is to work together, we can roll up our sleeves to make this happen, (and have as much fun as we can - and a pint or two along the way)?

Our pubs are a great national asset, and they should be supported celebrated and documented. This will be good for pubs, the people of  Sussex, and for the very many visitors to Sussex. We have built the tools to enable anyone 'out there', who is passionate about beer and pubs, to easily get their local pub(s), breweries and beers listed.

Anyone can contribute to this project!

Anyone is welcome to contribute to this project, and, in order to contribute, all you need to do is:

All submitted listings will be checked, (for formatting, typos, 'howlers', and to make reasonably sure that they are 'legal, decent, and honest'), before being published. Contributors will be sent an email and / or text to let them know that their article has been published). They will also be given 'editor rights' to their listed articles so that they keep them up to date.

Website visitors!

You will be able to view all of our listed pubs, breweries and beers and award them marks out of ten using our five star rating system (in half star increments).

Please have fun and enjoy this project!

We set this project up as a spare time, 'fun' project, (and it has been). We love our computers, lap tops, tablets, phones, and going to the pub for a pint of two. Then we thought that it would be even more fun to put them all together - so we have!

We hope that you have as much fun as we have had by contributing to the Wiki Sussex Pub Guide Project, whilst also enjoying (and supporting) our great Sussex pubs - so have fun, folks, and lots of it!


    • Too much fun can be harmful to you, so please enjoy yourselves responsibly!
    • Too much elephant can be harmful to you, so please enjoy elephants responsibly!
    • Please enjoy yourself whilst helping us to eat this elephant!

Our Project Elephant